Giving back to the community

Breaking Bread and Sharing Stories is a project that aims to provide a forum for the promotion of interaction and relationship building within a boarding house community.

Members of the community are invited to attend weekly sessions to prepare a meal. They participate in the total Hot Dish food experience from the produce selection, through food preparation, to final presentation. And once all the hard work is done, the members get to sit down and enjoy the meal together, through story telling and cooking critiques.

Hot Dish can customise menu packages for not for profit organisations and enjoys being involved in the local community.

Our Values

At Hot Dish we are a collection of serving hearts demonstrated through our personal integrity, our honesty, approachability, transparency and self-respect. We care for and respect our colleagues, supporting and mentoring their journeys. Through pride in our work and the Hot Dish experience, we enjoy giving back to the wider community.